Loki’s “cut” scene from Avengers: Age Of Ultron revealed

Last week Joss Whedon talked about why Loki was cut from Avengers: Age of Ultron. He didn’t go into any details on what the scene entailed, but he has since opened up about it to Empire. On their podcast he went into detail on his fight with Marvel to get Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki in the movie, what the scene would have included, and where it would have fit in with the story. The scene also featured an interesting tie to Thor: The Dark World.

It seems like Marvel had the final say in cutting Loki out of the film, but Whedon’s plan was to have him appear in the second part of Thor’s hallucination caused by Scarlet Witch. Whedon explained,

“He’s so important to the mythos, and they’re like, ‘We can’t get Tom. We can’t make a deal. You can have Idris!’ I was like, ‘Oh, I love Idris! This is great!’ And then I talked to Tom, saying, ‘Just so you know, I feel bad not telling you, and I would never pressure you, but I really feel like it would be great if you could do this…’ And they’re like, ‘But we already have Idris!’ And again, I had no problem there. Everybody’s in!”

It sounded like the studio just didn’t want to fork over the money to have Hiddleston reprise his role in the movie. They gave in to Whedon anyway in the end though, and Hiddleston shot the scene. Here’s what it was:

“We even had a little reference to the fact that he’s taken the throne, which was Tom doing his Anthony Hopkins impression when Thor says, ‘Oh, what would father say?’ Then Tom does his Hopkins impression, and Thor’s like, ‘That is uncanny!’ It’s sort of like his subconscious is telling him that Loki was imitating his father. But he would never make that connection.”

That’s an interesting and fun concept to play with, and I think it would have worked in the final version of the film. I guess Marvel just wanted to save Loki for whatever they have planned for him in Thor: Ragnarok. Hopefully the scene finds its way onto the special features of the Blu-ray/DVD.

Do you think the scene should have been included in the final cut of the film?


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